Weighted Lap Pad – Heavy Blanket – 5 Lbs

This soft, tactile, sensory lap pad from Little Chubby One is the perfect companion for the wiggly child.


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Designed to apply calming deep pressure to the lap and upper legs whilst the user is sitting down.

This Lap Pad is the perfect companion for the wiggly child. Its soothing surface provides a great outlet for fidgety fingers while providing an overall calming effect. Use on the lap or anywhere additional pressure is needed. An ideal tool for children with sensory processing disorders or those responding well to weight. Weights can not be removed.

This lap pad is 5Lbs, it is designed for older children, teens and adults.

Weight2.331465 kg
Dimensions26.162 × 18.034 × 6.604 cm

21" length x 19" width x 1" height


5.14 lb


Calming Effect: Perfect for children who feel anxious, the Little Chubby One Sensory Weighted Lap Pad weighs 5 pounds to provide a soothing, deep pressure to help your child feel calm and grounded in stressful situations.

Quality Construction: The Weighted Lap Pad is made with soft, minky fabric for optimal comfort, featuring double-stitched seams on every edge to stand up to tough playtimes and explosive tantrums.

Dotted Fabric: In addition to the comforting weight of the blanket, the material features small raised dots to provide sensory input and encourage tactile exploration for fidgety hands.

Portable Design: Children can use this lap pad at home, school, on vacation and anywhere else when sensory input is needed. It’s lightweight and easy to transport, providing a sense of calm during sensory overload situations everywhere they go.

Easy Care: Lightweight and perfectly sized, your child can simply drape the blanket over his lap or shoulders whenever a stressful situation arises an


Meets Sensory Needs

Children will enjoy deep pressure input, tactile exploration and a sense of calm for years to come. Built to last and stand up to vigorous play and sudden tantrums, the Little Chubby One Sensory Weighted Lap Pad is crafted with soft, dotted fabric, reinforced with double-stitched seams to ensure long-term use. The weight of the blanket is combined with the raised dots to meet the sensory needs of children with autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder or anxiety.

Ease of Use

Take this Weighted Lap Pad wherever you go to ensure your child can be soothed when feeling anxious. Long car rides, endless errands and doctor visits don’t need to create stressful situations. Simply drape this blanket over your child’s lap or shoulders to provide soothing comfort. You can also place it in your child’s backpack to ensure school days are stress-free and relaxed.

Soothing, Deep Pressure

Help your child stay calm and focused at home or in the classroom with Little Chubby One’s Sensory Weighted Lap Pad. The weight of the pad provides soothing, deep pressure to keep children grounded and calm in stressful or sensory overload situations, allowing them to relax, sit still and concentrate on the task at hand.

Textured Design

The Sensory Weighted Lap Pad is made from soft, minky fabric to prove a cozy feeling and soothing relief. Not only is the compression of the weight comforting, but the blanket is also furnished with small raised dots to provide sensory input. Furthermore, this dotted fabric keeps fidgety hands busy by encouraging tactile exploration.

Perfect Size

Little Chubby One’s Sensory Weighted Lap Pad measures 21” x 1” x 19” with a weight option of 3, 5 and 7 pounds, making it the perfect fidget lap pad tool no matter where you go. Simply roll it up or fold it up for easy transport and use whenever a stressful situation arises and sensory input is needed.

Care & Safety

Product Care Instructions: –  Machine Wash

Safety: – Though this Weighted Lap Pad is made with safety in mind, it is strongly advised that children are supervised by an adult at all times.


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