Liquid Anti Gravity Motion Timer Pack of 3

The Sensory Liquid Anti Gravity Motion Timer promote visual awareness and tracking skills while being a calm and fun sensory toy. Visually captivating fun. Many people find them helpful for relieving stress and anxiety.


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These Anti Gravity Motion Timers are a colourful addition to any classroom, kitchen or office table. Ingeniously designed to make the sand ascend, creating a visually captivating and one-of-a-kind experience.! These sensory toys are great for encouraging kids to keep time while they play!

Sensory Toys for Kids
The Anti Gravity Motion Timers promote visual awareness and tracking skills while being a calm and fun sensory toy.

The benefits of Liquid timers are:

  • They are one of the best instruments to ease the level of stress and anxiety among children and even adults.
  • When children see different colours in a smooth movement, it encourages them to speak and converse about the different colours.
  • Children and adults with ADHD, Autism and Aspergers, liquid timers can greatly help them to relax and develop patience.
  • They make children sit and observe the flow of colours thus improving and building observation skills.
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Dimensions20.1 × 14.5 × 5.2 cm

3 Liquid Anti Gravity Motion Timer



More Info

  • ⌛️Vibrant Trio of Colours: The set includes three distinctively coloured hourglasses in red, blue, and yellow, adding a pop of colour wherever they’re used or displayed.
  • ⌛️High-Quality Transparent Plastic Construction: Made of robust and transparent plastic, these hourglasses ensure longevity while offering a clear view of the sand’s movement.
  • ⌛️Innovative Anti-Gravity Effect: Unlike traditional hourglasses, these ones are designed to make the sand move upwards, creating a visually stimulating and unique experience.
  • ⌛️Classic Hourglass Design with Superior Seal: Each hourglass showcases a timeless design with a narrow centre and broader chambers, perfectly sealed to prevent any leakage.
  • ⌛️Versatile Use: They serve multiple purposes, from being effective tools for sensory integration activities and calming effects, to vibrant decorative items due to their unique sand movement and colourful design.


Safety: – Though these Anti Gravity Motion Timers are made with safety in mind, it is strongly advised that children are supervised by an adult at all times.


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