Large Blue Senco Body Sock: 10 years +

Designed for spatial awareness and interaction through balance and resistance.

Experience your body in a new way with  the Senco Body Sock by increasing body awareness, strength and creativity. A must have as part of your home, clinic or school based sensory program. The body sock is a great therapy and play tool for autism and sensory integration.


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  • The large size body sock is for children wearing clothes size 10 years up to a height of under 6ft.

Body Socks are fun, therapeutic sacks constructed from breathable four-way stretch lycra. Body Sox teach both adults and children about gross motor control by providing proprioceptive feedback that leads to a new awareness of the body. Just climb in, close it up or keep your head out, and watch your body make shapes.

Body socks will help children with sensory processing disorders to work on “position in space” skills. They must kinesthetically feel what their bodies are doing and how they are coordinating their body movements. They can watch themselves in the mirror or create shadows.

The Senco Body Sox provides heavy work/deep pressure input that is both calming and organizing. Through all of these movement activities in the lycra “body sock”, they will have comfortable, resistive material to push against and have pushing against them. This will benefit both children with tactile defensiveness as well as the sensory seeking kids.

Each Pack contains:

  • 1 – Large Blue Senco Body Sock



The large size body sock is for children wearing clothes size 10 years up to a height of under 6ft.


Parents love how the Senco Body Socks help calm their kid down in the home, and therapists can incorporate it into their treatment!

✔️Relives Stress, Excess Energy: Helps your child quickly and safely exercise every muscle in their body, relieving the pent-up energy that causes meltdowns .

✔️Makes Sensory Development Fun: Gives strong stimulation and development for senses of touch, motion, balance, proprioception… And, makes it fun to play while doing so!​

✔️Deep Calming Pressure: Reduces anxiety, helping to ‘bring down’ your kid to be calm, peaceful, happy, and quiet .

Care & Safety Information

Use with adult supervision:

  • Suffocation hazard: Do not cover face.
  • For use by children over 3 years.
  • Active adult supervision is advisable for all ages.
  • Not intended for sleeping in. Do Not Sleep In.
  • CAUTION: keep away from heat and flame.

Made from quality fabric. Each body sock has a reinforced opening to make removing the product easy and quick. We recommend use with a carer or parent.


  • Do not wash with harsh chemicals (for example bleach)
  • Do not place in the same wash as something with Velcro
  • Cold machine wash with similar colours
  • Do not iron or dry-clean
  • The use of a delicates bag is recommended
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Wash Before Use
  • Keep Away From Sharp Objects


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