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The Dexterity Pack is a combination of 2 very complementary toys. It is ideal for improving fine motor skills, dexterity and stimulating a child’s imagination through play.

Outside of Bundle LockBoard costs €50 & BusyBag costs €32

Bundle saves you 10% + Free Shipping in Ireland


Estimated delivery dates: Jul 16, 2024 - Jul 18, 2024
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Max & Lea

This Dexterity Pack has been put together to help your child to:

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Save 10% with this bundle against items sold separately & avail of Free Shipping within Ireland!

Checkout our recent blog post – LockBoard and BusyBag: Developing Fine Motor Skills



Closed: 30cm x 19.5cm Open: 39cm x 30cm


44 Ă— 35 Ă— 3 cm


The + of the LockBoard

LockBoard Description 

  • The LockBoard is a 12 in 1 activity board that will allow the child to develop their logical thinking and common sense, while having fun!
  • The different locks from the world of adults adapted to children, will allow them to discover mechanisms that they will find as they grow up.
  • The different types of locks and latches, of different levels of complexity, will allow the child to develop their fine motor skills and improve the dexterity of their little hands.


The + of the BusyBag

BusyBag Description 

  • A complete activity and learning bag, The BusyBag is the ideal toy to learn how the different kinds of latches work and develop their fine motor skills.
  • Thanks to the different zippers, cords, buttons and snaps, this realistic toy will allow the child to discover the mechanisms that they will find as they grow up.
  • The different mechanisms, of different levels of complexity, will allow the child to improve their skills and to put their fine motor skills and dexterity to work while having fun.

Max & Lea Commitments

– 100% Secure: 100% Compliance with European Toy Safety requirements. Sizes and shapes of parts in accordance with official safety templates

– 100% Eco-Friendly: 100% Wood and 100% Natural. Ecological water-based paint & varnish

– 100% Quality: Designed and drawn in France. Neat finishes. Robust design and quality of materials

– 100% awakening: Thought for the Psychomotor development of the child. Playful and entertaining

Safety Information

Though these busy boards & bags are made with safety in mind, it is strongly advised that children  using the board/bag are supervised by an adult at all times.


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