4 Pack Crazy Colour Changing Putty

  • UV + Heat sensitive putty
  • Changes colour when exposed to UV light or Heat
  • Includes UV light torches
  • Mould, stretch, bounce and watch it melt


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4 Pack Crazy Colour Changing Putty by Twiddlers

UV and Heat sensitive “smart putty” that changes colour when you shine UV light on it or heat. Mould, stretch, bounce and even watch this putty melt as you play with it. Set includes 2 heat reactive and 2  UV reactive putties. The light from the UV torches included  (2 in total) with the set causes the putty to change colour, only reverting back to its original shade when it is left in regular light. Available as four assorted colours.

  • UV + Heat sensitive putty
  • Changes colour when exposed to UV light or Heat
  • Includes UV light torches
  • Mould, stretch, bounce and watch it melt
  • Each comes in storage tin
  • All of our putty is fully tested, non-toxic and safe
  • Suitable for ages 3+, choking hazard, small parts

Magical Transformations Await: Step into a world where colour shifts before your eyes with our Crazy Colour Changing Putty. This set is nothing short of magical, featuring four distinct slimes that change colour with the power of heat and UV light. Including two that react to warmth and two that shift hues under UV light, each putty offers a unique and immersive play experience. The mesmerizing colour transitions add an element of surprise and excitement to every interaction, making this putty set a captivating addition to any playtime routine.

Compact Creativity: Encased in four individual tins, our smart putties are designed for longevity and convenience. These 8 x 8 x 2 cm pots ensure your putty remains fresh, preventing drying and extending the fun. Perfect for taking along on travels or for discreet play anywhere, these compact containers make it easy to keep the magic of colour change at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for a stress-relieving desk toy or a portable plaything, these tins of putty are ready to delight.

Sensory Delight and Interactive Play: Beyond its colour-changing marvels, this putty set serves as a fantastic sensory toy, offering endless possibilities for stretchy, bouncy fun. Suitable for all ages, it provides a tactile experience that can soothe, entertain, and stimulate creativity. The inclusion of mini UV torches with the UV reactive slimes ensures that you can activate the awe-inspiring colour changes anytime, anywhere. Dive into the interactive world of Crazy Colour Changing Putty and let your imagination soar as you twist, sculpt, and observe the stunning transformations unfold in your hands.

Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions22.9 × 22.9 × 44.5 cm

4 individual pots of “smart putty”. 2 heat reactive and 2 UV reactive putties.


Each Tin: 8 x 8 x 2 cm




Safety: – Though these Colour Changing Putty’s are made with safety in mind, it is strongly advised that children are supervised by an adult at all times.


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