Otavo Blog - Benefits of Sensory Chew Toys For Kids

With sensory chew toys , you can help your kids focus better on their daily tasks. You can keep them calm and give them a sense of satisfaction because they have an outlet for the extra
energy and anxiety. Sensory toys like these are useful for children with autism and ADHD. They
can really help boost their senses, make them feel calmer, and help them focus longer on just
one activity!

Causes of stress and anxiety in children are many. From overstimulation, lack of sensory input,
fear, change, and pressure to perform. But chew toys provide relief from so many symptoms.

Provide your child with a chew toy designed to serve as a distraction. Give your child something
to focus their attention on to sit still and focus at home and school.

What Are Sensory Chew Toys?

Sensory chews are oral motor chew tools designed for kids who need additional sensory input
and oral stimulation. They are a great solution to the problem of chewing on clothing, pencils,
and other non-food items.

Kids who have difficulty focusing and maintaining attention may find that chewing provides them
with the extrasensory input they need to focus better. Chewing also helps them avoid fidgeting,
stay on task longer, and feel calmer.

Who Benefits From Chew Toys?

Children with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Down Syndrome, or Fragile
X may benefit from using sensory chews as part of their sensory diet. These children often
exhibit chewing behaviors to regulate their systems and provide themselves with the necessary
sensory input and feedback to stay organized and focused throughout the day.

What’s the answer? The perfect chew toys such as Chewigem are designed for the safety of all

Sensory Chew Toys Help With Focus

Sensory chew toys are a great way to improve focus and attention span in kids. They have been
proven helpful for children with ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorder, or other challenges
that make it hard to keep their attention on one task.

Sensory chew toys can help improve focus and attention span in kids who struggle with these
issues due to ADHD, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), anxiety, or sensory processing disorders.
Kids may chew on chewy necklaces, bracelets, and pencil toppers as a self-soothing technique
or just as oral stimulation, and they must have safe chew toys rather than chewing on whatever
is within reach.

Chew Toys Provides Sensory Input

If your child has tactile defensiveness, you know how upsetting and stressful it can be. Whether
it is with clothing tags or certain foods, our kids need to be able to tolerate touch.

Sensory chew toys are an excellent tool for a child to explore different textures and pressures.
Chew toys can help desensitize the oral cavity by providing other sensations and pressure to
the lips, gums, tongue, and jaw.

Chew toys give our children immediate sensory feedback that can be used as a calming

A chew toy should provide tactile input: pressure and vibration to the mouth and jaw. Chewing is
a natural reflex for infants, babies, and children – it’s a way to explore their oral cavity with their
hands. Think about all of the times that you see little ones sucking on their fingers or pacifiers –
they are using this natural reflex to soothe themselves when they are overstimulated.

Aids In Oral Motor Skills

Chewy sensory toys are often used as sensory tools to help build up oro-motor muscles, which
control the lips, tongue, and jaw. These specialized toys can also help promote good oral
hygiene by strengthening your child’s mouth muscles while helping them manage their chewing

They are perfect for children with autism, ADHD, or other sensory processing disorder and can
be used in occupational therapy sessions.

The most common oral movement is chewing behavior that children engage in during childhood
development stages when they begin teething; this behavior continues through adolescence
until adulthood when it is no longer needed because the teeth have all come out.

Keeps Your Kiddos Hands Busy

There are many benefits of sensory chew toys for kids. They keep their hands busy, and with
the help of these toys, your kid can learn the art of patience, coordination, focus, and
concentration. They also enhance their self-confidence in them, and finally, they will have more
physical strength, which will help them improve their health.

Sensory chew toys are very beneficial for your kids as they keep their hands busy, help them be
calm and focused, and help them have more strength, which will help them improve their health.
It is beneficial if you are going on any family trip as it will entertain your kid while traveling in a
car or train.

Help Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Tension

Help reduce stress, anxiety, and tension. By giving your child something safe to chew on, you
can reduce their need for oral stimulation and provide a calming effect. The most common use
of sensory chew toys is with children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Children with ASD often find it challenging to manage their emotions, so they may have
meltdowns when faced with challenging situations such as going to school or having too much
noise at home. It’s important to remember that these children are still developing physically,
which means they’re not always able to control their impulses like adults would be able.

Kids with Autism or SPD need sensory inputs to stimulate their brains and keep them focused.
The act of chewing a Chewigem produces a physical sensation that is hard to find elsewhere,
and it keeps kids busy and safe for a longer time

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